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People adore using auto accessories to improve and customise their cars. You may earn from the innovative and exciting vehicle accessories market by purchasing a complete franchise from Tint World Franchise, which includes everything from performance breaks to spoilers.
While traditional company models have remained stable over the previous ten years, digital business models that address the constantly shifting needs of customers have flourished. The advent of digital currencies, service-based business models, and the COVID-19 epidemic have significantly disrupted our way of life.
Our franchise concept offers new and established companies a distinctive Phygital (Physical + Digital) business model in which our brand engages with customers directly online and directs them to the closest locations for products and services.
Having a Parky+ franchise allows you to offer more services than just auto accessories. Your investment will cover a number of additional profit centres in addition to your auto accessories business, such as car seat covers, car steering covers, car head and neck rest pillows, microfiber duster cloths, car chargers, and many other automotive styling services. This will enable your company to serve as a one-stop shop for all automotive needs.

Anyone who is determined to get started can easily start an auto accessories business with the help of the tried and tested Parky+ Franchise System. Parky+ helps you with every step of the licencing process, from product and display development to venue selection and development, with just a single, minimal initial cost.

Any questions? Let us know by writing [email protected] or call us on (+91) +91 70114 07279


Our Promise

With unparalleled purchasing power, managerial assistance, and extensive marketing plans, Parky+ offers unrivalled support, giving you the appearance of an auto franchise while granting you the autonomy and financial rewards of operating your own company.

Parky+ provides all the training you need to run a successful auto accessories business. From banners and signage to extensive web campaigns, Parky+ provides powerful modern marketing techniques to draw customers to your business. With Parky+ you can dominate your market because you can purchase vehicle auto accessories and performance parts at the absolute lowest factory prices.

Anyone can start an auto accessories business and find success with Parky+ Auto Accessories Franchise.

Ultra Luxury Car Seat Cover

Rs. 11,999 - Rs. 21,999

Parky+ Ultra Luxury Comfort Breathable leatherette Car Seat cover made of Mayur leather material for all types of Cars, MPVs, SUVs

About This Item
• Full set of Ultra Comfort Car Seat Covers, including Front and Back Seat Covers
• The machine manufacturing process ensures excellent stitching, fitting, and finishing of these seat covers.
• It would be precisely tailored to fit the seats in your vehicle and be UV resistant. resistant to tears.
• Anti fungus. doesn't droop or loosen up.
• Simple to keep and clean
• Our seat covers are going to be a completely new offering when compared to the retail sector.
Special Note
• We produce car seat covers based on custom orders. • To Place an order you can call our Sales Team directly on (+91) 70114 07279 or Drop a message on our Official WhatsApp Number (+91) 97173 27669 with your requirement details, you will get a call from the Parky Support Team in 24 hours* Regarding your exact requirement.

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