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Microfiber Duster Cloth

Rs. 499/-

Microfiber Car Cleaning Cloth – Extra Soft Microfiber Cloth for Car, Bike, Scooty Cleaning Edging for Scratch-less Drying and Detailing (750GSM, Pack of 3)


Microfiber Towel Set, a must-have addition for every household. This set includes specialized microfiber towels designed to enhance various aspects of your daily routine. For car enthusiasts, our Microfiber Towel for Car is the ultimate solution for maintaining a spotless vehicle. Its ultra-soft and absorbent fibers effortlessly capture dirt and dust, leaving your car's exterior and interior surfaces gleaming with a polished finish. Whether it's drying after a wash or giving your car a quick touch-up, this towel is your go-to car companion. In the kitchen, our Microfiber Cloth for Kitchen offers a convenient way to tackle spills, splatters, and countertops. With its superior absorbency, it efficiently soaks up liquids, making cleanup a breeze. Its non-abrasive texture ensures it won't scratch delicate surfaces, while its durability ensures it can withstand rigorous use, becoming an essential tool for culinary adventures. Say goodbye to unruly hair with our Microfiber Towel for Hair. Its gentle yet effective design quickly absorbs excess moisture, reducing drying time and minimizing frizz. Perfect for all hair types, this towel ensures a smooth and efficient haircare routine, leaving you with more time to enjoy your day.

  • GSM 750
  • Dimensions 110 x 33 x 100 cm
  • Materials 60% cotton
  • Color Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Red, White
  • Size XL, L, M, S
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SKU: MFDC01 Categories: Microfiber Duster Cloth

Ultra Luxury Car Seat Cover

Rs. 11,999 - Rs. 21,999

Parky+ Ultra Luxury Comfort Breathable leatherette Car Seat cover made of Mayur leather material for all types of Cars, MPVs, SUVs

About This Item
• Full set of Ultra Comfort Car Seat Covers, including Front and Back Seat Covers
• The machine manufacturing process ensures excellent stitching, fitting, and finishing of these seat covers.
• It would be precisely tailored to fit the seats in your vehicle and be UV resistant. resistant to tears.
• Anti fungus. doesn't droop or loosen up.
• Simple to keep and clean
• Our seat covers are going to be a completely new offering when compared to the retail sector.
Special Note
• We produce car seat covers based on custom orders. • To Place an order you can call our Sales Team directly on (+91) 70114 07279 or Drop a message on our Official WhatsApp Number (+91) 97173 27669 with your requirement details, you will get a call from the Parky Support Team in 24 hours* Regarding your exact requirement.

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