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This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a national platform in start-up like setup.Our team comprises of a group of talented, hand-picked sales professionals, designers and automative industry experts that have joined hands in the industry’s interest to increase job opportunities in India. We are a young, vibrant, professional organisation looking for candidates that are passionate about India’s Automative growth story.

Working at Parky+ is so much more than just a job. As an Autolab International employee, you will join a team of professionals that is part of an industry confederation and networked together in multiple states in india.

Looking for Job Opportunity? Let us know by writing [email protected] or call us on (+91) +91 70114 07279


Our Values at Work

We are committed to providing a diverse, inclusive, equal and safe work environment for all of our employees and the communities we work with.

Our culture is shaped by our values, which reinforce what we care about and how we do things, not just what we do. Our main core values: Empowerment, Inclusiveness and Accountability, drive everything we do.

- Sanchit Mittal, Founder Director & CMO

Ultra Luxury Car Seat Cover

Rs. 11,999 - Rs. 21,999

Parky+ Ultra Luxury Comfort Breathable leatherette Car Seat cover made of Mayur leather material for all types of Cars, MPVs, SUVs

About This Item
• Full set of Ultra Comfort Car Seat Covers, including Front and Back Seat Covers
• The machine manufacturing process ensures excellent stitching, fitting, and finishing of these seat covers.
• It would be precisely tailored to fit the seats in your vehicle and be UV resistant. resistant to tears.
• Anti fungus. doesn't droop or loosen up.
• Simple to keep and clean
• Our seat covers are going to be a completely new offering when compared to the retail sector.
Special Note
• We produce car seat covers based on custom orders. • To Place an order you can call our Sales Team directly on (+91) 70114 07279 or Drop a message on our Official WhatsApp Number (+91) 97173 27669 with your requirement details, you will get a call from the Parky Support Team in 24 hours* Regarding your exact requirement.

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